Un-Convention x MaMA

Un-Convention x MaMA

Written by Baltazare


We Europeans are facing an existential challenge, and more than ever we need to make it clear to our British friends that decades of shared history, collaboration and friendship cannot be called into question by this separation.

We need to show that this distance brings us closer together.


Culture is the natural weapon that stimulates the imagination, provokes dialogue and frees the mind. When it comes to culture, and music in particular, the UK has often shown the inspiration, extravagance and foresight that have made it a world leader. Whether it's a question of production or distribution strategy, or the revelation of new musical trends, the British people inspire the world and have given us unforgettable artists.


Through this project, carried out in collaboration with Un-Convention and the City of Manchester, we wish to affirm our shared determination never to break the link that unites the United Kingdom with the rest of Europe.

This British presence will be spread across MaMA's various activities. In addition to the presence of numerous professionals, the 2023 edition will see two Mancunian artists, Phoebe Green and The Talking Shop! join the MaMA program. A debate(Brexit is over, now what?), featuring major British, French and European speakers, will provide a better understanding of the consequences of the Brexit, in place for nearly four years, on both sides of the Channel.

By showcasing British artists in our event's program, welcoming speakers to our debates and conferences, and opening our doors wide to numerous professionals from the British music industry, we want MaMA 2023 to be a bridge where culture, business and people meet without apprehension.

Political visions have always come and gone, but people remain. For we are stronger together than we are apart.

So goes our old World...

Information related to the debate on the consequences of Brexit and British artists will soon be available.

This collaboration is part of MaMA's international activities, for which going beyond national and European borders is not an option!

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