Editorial 2023

MaMA Music & Convention 2023: A themed edition!
"This year, we've beefed up our major themes to highlight the music industry's hottest hot topics."

Dear music fans and industry players,

As the music industry continues to transform at breakneck speed, it's essential to have an essential meeting place to exchange ideas, learn and shape the future of our sector together. With this in mind, MaMA Music & Convention returns this year with an exciting 14th edition, more international than ever.

We're delighted to announce that MaMA has further strengthened its convention program, affirming its role as a trendspotter and sounding board for the debates shaking the industry. This year, we've beefed up our major themes to highlight the hottest topics in the music industry. Each afternoon, three major themes will be deployed to explore the horizons of music from new and innovative angles.

The first theme, "Music & Image", will plunge into the heart of the fused relationship between music and image. Debates, interviews and captivating keynotes will explore new forms of artistic collaboration and the challenges of musical synchronization in the contemporary media landscape.

The second theme, "Music & Artificial Intelligence", will highlight the impact of AI on the creation, production and distribution of music. Internationally renowned experts will share their views on current technological innovations and the ethical and creative issues raised by AI in the music world.

Finally, the third theme, "Music & Decarbonation", will highlight the urgency of rethinking our industry to reduce our carbon footprint. Engaging debates will explore sustainability strategies, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and ways to build a more environmentally-friendly music industry.

Each of these thematic slots will provide an opportunity to explore subjects in greater depth, multiply the angles of approach and encourage exchanges between professionals from all over the world. MaMA Music & Convention is thus positioned as a veritable laboratory of ideas and reflection, ready to guide our industry towards a bright and responsible future.

And of course, let's not forget our artistic program, which will showcase the emerging French and international scene. The most promising talents will take to the stage, enabling industry professionals and music fans alike to discover inspiring artists and unique performances.

MaMA Music & Convention 2023 promises to be a major international event, where borders blur and cultures meet to shape the future of music.

We look forward to welcoming you to Paris for three days of discoveries!


As part of its Convention, MaMA takes a keen interest in new technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence. So MaMA didn't hesitate to ask Chat GPT to write the 2023 editorial - the result is undoubtedly impressive!

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