CONVENTION: MaMA steps up its programming

CONVENTION: MaMA steps up its programming

June 20, 2023 at 11:26 pm
Written by communication


An indicator of trends and a sounding board for the debates shaking the profession, MaMA has further strengthened its convention program this year. This 14th edition has beefed up its major themes around current industry issues. Thus, 3 major themes will be deployed throughout each afternoon:

  • Music & Image
  • Music & Artificial Intelligence
  • Music & Decarbonation

Each of these themes will lead to debates, interviews, or keynotes, so that we can multiply the angles and tackle the subjects in depth. Other discussions will, of course, round off the program, from questions about the future of Smac to invitations to personalities to take time out to chat with us.


Complementary artistic forms - which the term "audiovisual" is not sufficient to cover - music and image are increasingly associated, including for social tools. Today, "synchronization" (cinema, advertising, music videos, video games, etc.) has become a veritable market, generating its own professions and rights. But new forms of hybridization are on the horizon. With the arrival of the metaverse, the immersive could also revolutionize the future of music. MaMA has therefore decided to devote an entire afternoon to the subject, with two themed debates and a keynote by Nora Felder, winner of the 2022 Emmy Awards.

MaMA Debate | Sync today: overview and trends

The sync industry has always been unique: at the crossroads of several creative industries, and intrinsically international. A discreet centerpiece in any art form, and a source of income for artists as providential as it is unpredictable, the art of synchronisation fascinates. This round table will provide an opportunity to take stock of the issues at stake in the trades and practices that make it up, and to sketch out the trends at work, from an artistic, legal and financial point of view.

MaMA Debate | Hybridization tomorrow: 3D, virtual and metaverse

With new media, mobile and immersive modes of distribution (AR-VR-XR and metaverse) are multiplying. This hybridization of formats and media is reshaping the strategies of platforms and producers. It raises huge questions about creation, production, innovation, rights, and intellectual property. At this round table, we will examine the latest developments in this field, its opportunities, and challenges, in the company of the players who shape it.


The media coverage of individual access to Chat-GPT software convinced the modern world that artificial intelligence was now with us. In the music industry, AI has been providing services for some time now, in a wide variety of areas. Applications are multiplying, and the "risks vs. opportunities" debate is already well underway. All this has a direct impact on the future of music. MaMA has therefore decided to devote an entire afternoon to the subject.

MaMA Debate | With AI, today is already tomorrow

The musical industry is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence. Many products and services are powered by AI – whether it is for the rights management, recommendations and title tagging, data compliance, music creation or sound spatialization. This panel session will focus on some of the practical advances made possible by AI, with a group of experts from a wide range of backgrounds.

MaMA Debate | AI, a desirable future for music?

Could the music ecosystem be tempted to fight a future embodied in Artificial Intelligence? Today, everyone agrees that the music ecosystem's initial reactions to digital developments were counter-productive, and that a monetization model is preferable to prohibition. But are AI's disruptive capabilities of a different kind, for good or ill? Could creators be deprived of their art, or see it elevated like never before? Would applying the methods that have worked so successfully for streaming be tantamount to being behind in a war? Could rights management be upset?


Decarbonizing the music business? In theory, the principle seems to have been accepted. But actually doing so means confronting the way the industry operates with real upheaval. What are the stakes and consequences of decarbonization? Are we really ready? And how? Given the urgency of the challenge, MaMA has decided to devote an entire afternoon to the subject, with several debates...

MaMA Debate | Artist mobility and ecological transition: should succes be banned?

What are the symbolic factors that determine an artist's level of notoriety today: the number of people in attendance, the size of the venues, the number of dates played? If the mobility of the public is in the spotlight, so is the mobility of artists. Touring with improbable routing, flying to a date on the other side of the world or to three countries in one weekend, pyrotechnic effects, ever-increasing scenography... How sustainable are these practices? Is success compatible with sobriety, and vice versa? How can we "make a career" in a +4°c world? Is another vision of success possible?

MaMA Debate | Venue capacity: should we deindustrialize live events? 

Rising fees, technical requirements, exclusivities, more volatile audiences since Covid... the economic formula is often unsustainable for organizers. To find a balance, are we condemned to seek out ever more audiences, coming from further and further afield, to increase ticket prices, to accept concentration, to reduce abundance? To be sustainable, how can we combine financial and environmental considerations? What business models for Live in a time of climate crisis?

Further discussions and speeches will be added to the schedule from July 13 onwards. In the meantime, a first Keynote & an additional MaMA Grand Débat have already been unveiled.

Keynote with Zaho de Sagazan

With her singular, powerful voice, 23-year-old Zaho de Sagazan already has the makings of a great artist. 

Her1st album La symphonie des éclairs, released independently in March 2023 via her label Disparate, won her unanimous media acclaim and propelled her to the top of the charts in just a few weeks. 

On everyone's radar, interest in her was growing. She is fast becoming one of the key figures to watch on the French music scene.

Accompanied by Wart on tour, the young singer-songwriter from St-Nazaire made a discreet start on the live scene with a few concerts in 2022, before everything accelerated. The announcement of a sold-out Trianon last April paved the way for summer festivals and a tour of around 100 dates, including two Zeniths in 2024. Between concert dates, Zaho de Sagazan honors us with her presence at MaMA for a conversation about her musical universe and her dazzling success.

MaMA Debate | Smac, the end of a model?

Since they first appeared nearly thirty years ago, SMACs (Scènes de Musiques Actuelles) have been a testimony to the public authorities' commitment to this sector. Awarded to around a hundred venues throughout France, this label is now being questioned both internally and externally. Some criticize it for being out of step with recent developments in the relationship between concerts and creation, while others point to the virtue of such a tool for musical diversity...

This round table will provide an opportunity to discuss these divisions and, why not, formulate a common vision for the future of the French concert.

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