-In case of artist's booking:

MaMA will take care of or provide

> A 165€ gross salary + 16€ as a buy out for each musician on stage (excluding technical team) or an assignment contract

> Regular PA/lights + basic shared backline (bass & guitar amp, standard drum kit, DJ kit)

> A professional technical assistance (sound, light and stage - no crew for load in/out)

> Artists’ promotion: MaMA will communicate on artists / bands through its communication tools

> Journalists and media attendance to the Event

> Various tools for the company presenting the artist / band to get in touch with participants, on top of BtoB meetings organized during MaMA.

> No fee will be asked to the company presenting artist

Costs left with the company.ies presenting the artist / band

> Transportation (international, national and internal including transfer)

> Accommodation (hotel, internal transportation, meals in addition to the buy out mentioned above)

> Artist’s / band’s technical staff fees and subsistence

> Specific technical requests and additional backline

Specific conditions in case and at the time of artist / band’s booking to play at MaMA Music 2022

> Exclusivity: It is understood that the artist's performance in Paris and its area ("Ile-deFrance" region) under the 1st sept-1st Dec 2023 period, will be submitted to MaMA's written prior approval. If not, MaMA reserves the right to cancel the booking contract with no compensation fee.

In case of MaMA's agreement for the appearance of the artist's show after the event, the announcement will only be permitted after MaMA's performance.

> It is agreed and understood that the artist / band will have to share the stage with other artists / bands, playing different genres of music and coming from different countries. Thus, the eventuality to play on a shared backline provided by MaMA is also agreed

> Billing and performance schedule will be only given for information in due time.